Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Files Generated while Recording in QTP

After the normal mode of recording, different files will be generated at the test script and action level.
After recording and saving the test script a folder will be created with the script name.
Each QTP test script is a directory itself. The name of the QTP script directory will be the name of the script. Change in the name of this folder will result in change in the script name, i.e. TestScript.usr

The files generated at the test script are:
default.cfg - Configuration file
default.usp - Run logic file
default.xls - Data file, which contains Global and Action1 sheet
Parameters.mtr - Test script parameters
Test.tsp – Contains the Test Settings and is a binary file
TestScript.usr - Test script main file. TestScript here is the name of the script saved by user.
Action0 folder - Contains the script settings to load the supportive actions and actions sequence scripts
Action1 folder - Contains actual action scripts which can be executable

By default each QTP script contains two sub folders “Action 0” and “Action1”. If we increase the number of actions then the number of the subfolders will increase accordingly.
The files generated at Action Level folder are

script.mts - Test script.
Resource.mtr - Action parameters.
ObjectRepository.bdb - Object repository.
Snapshots folder - Contains all the step level snapshots.

PS: In case of Analog Recording apart from the above mentioned files. The additional file generated is - AnalogTrackList.dat. All the mouse movements and key board events will be captured in the .dat file.

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  1. Unable to find script.mts file in Action 1 and Action0 folder. Can anyone help?